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I'm a Warrior turned Artist. Music is my Medium. The Truth is my Genre. Peace in the Middle East in Our Lifetime is my Mission.”

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Ronny W Music Ron Weinreich

The Healing Dove Children's Fund exists to heal the hearts, minds and bodies of children ages 5-16 who were disabled in the Middle East conflict bringing them to Israel to receive the best Rehabilitation in the world and to return them home after 2 months with a renewed hope in life. They will be chaperoned by a parent who we will train on how to continually treat their child. We do not discriminate between children and will treat children from Syria, Gaza, Lebanon, West Bank and Israel.

After 2 months of intensive one-on-one treatment by extraordinary rehabilitation practitioners, the children and their parents will go home knowing that there is a possibility for peace and a new horizon for what is possible.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation and giving the gift of HOPE to a child disabled in the Middle East conflict, please fill out the form below and our executive director will personally reach out to you within the next 3 days!

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