Ronny's White House Excursion

While touring in New York during May. the Ambassador to Israel sent an official request for Ronny to perform at his Independence Day banquet in Washington DC. Upon Ronny's arrival at the distinguished event it was brought to his attention that the White House Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough will be speaking at the event after Ronny's performance. After Ronny sang before the beautifully dressed and enthusiastic crowd, the Ambassador (Ron Dermer - right) went on to speak before the audience and after him the Chief of Staff (second from left) took the stage for the key-note speech. When they all met back stage, McDonough and Dermer commented on Ronny's performance to which Ronny thanked them and responded... "Isn't there supposed to be a Chanukah party at the White House sometime?..."  The Chief of Staff smiled and said to Ronny, "Why don't you drop by the White House next week and we'll talk about it".

Three days later Ronny, his manager Avram (left), childhood friend and supporter, Israel Schachter and Israel's son Sam were in the West Wing of the White House to meet with the Chief of Staff for a private tour of the wing where they got a breathtaking inside look at the deep history and secrets of the White House. At some point, while chit-chatting in the Oval Office, Ronny didn't actually comprehend that he was sitting next to the president's desk until a few minutes into the conversation when he suddenly got that it was the real deal!

The incredible experience of being at the White House and being hosted by Mr. McDonough was an experience beyond powerful and inspiring to them all. Though the Chanukah party will be in December, right after the election, we are looking forward that Ronny will receive the invitation to perform there before the NEW president of the United States of America - whoever She/He may be! As for the Chief of Staff, Mr. McDonough - the group was enchanted to find that the man with his hands on the wheel of the USA is one of the most down to earth and gracious men that they have men in their lives - a man of honor and integrity. A true "MENCH" - look it up!

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