Honoring Myself, my Art and my Word

About a year ago I made a bold declaration that I will have created my debut album as a solo artist - a musical masterpiece - and that I would submit it to the Recording Academy (aka the Grammy’s) by September 2017. I am here to share with you that I did not do that. I’ve learned in life that though I may not always be able to keep every promise that I ever give my word to, I can definitely bring Honor to my word by acknowledging where I have failed to perform, and where/when I am going to make it up! 

The impact of my not fulfilling on what I said that I would do has delayed my music, my art, and my message that I am so committed to sharing with the world… to sharing with you. So here is what I am promising to you and what you can count on my for in the future!

I am going to soon launch a campaign to raise funds for my record. I will bring an incredible record producer on board with me so that my Art can shine and ring like it never has before. And I will also keep you all posted on how everything is progressing step by step - all in time for my record to be complete and submitted by August 2018. My commitment is not to win any award or accolades but rather to create a Masterpiece by the artist that this world as never seen before. That is my word in the matter and this is my promise to you. I request that you guys all hold me to account on my word. YOU are my partners through this <3



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