New Song Chosen for 9/11 Film Soundtrack

Approximately two years ago I was sitting in my window seat on a redeye somewhere above the United States of America looking down upon the twinkling lights in the pitch black night. I was on my way to a gig somewhere where I would be paid for merely singing a song and telling a story. I would be partaking in this dreamy and uncommon profession that is called being an artist where I get to make a difference for other human beings by just opening my mouth pretty much. And not to mention the magical realization of soaring at jet speed through the night sky in a chair on a 40 ton flying machine... the miracle of flight only added to that moment where I realized how mind-bendingly lucky of a human being I am. The next thought I had however was a profound one. The first line of a new song suddenly came into my mind.  “I’ll remember you my friend.”

Here I am living this glorious life, and you are still 21 years old. Here I am fulfilling myself and working on my dreams, and you don’t get to pursue any of yours. Here I am loving and living and laughing, traveling and trailblazing and traversing each and every magical moment that is called my life and... I’ll remember you my friend.  

I didn’t have a guitar with me but I already knew what this song would sound like. With tears in my eyes I began to write the words to this song that I just knew would be among the most powerful songs I have ever written. That said, I kept it on the back burner for almost 2 years like I do with almost all of my music unfortunately. And one day I got sick of myself and called up my good friend Adam to tell him that I want to come into the studio to finally record a quick demo of this song that has been in my head for a long long time. Two days later I went in to the studio and after one take of guitar, one take of piano and one take of singing, I had my humble demo to listen to. The next day while I was stuck in traffic on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles, Adam sent  me the song to my email and I thought to myself “you should just send this out right away to someone Ron, before you stick this one on the back burner like all of the other ones...” so I hit the forward button on my iPhone and forwarded it to my good friend Martin Gui Gui- a brilliant filmmaker, music producer and much more importantly, a brilliant human being. A few days later we met up for lunch and he shared with me that he was just finishing up a new film that he produced and directed about 9/11 , that he heard my song late that night, and that he thinks it would be perfect to go on the soundtrack CD. I was surprised, I was humbled, and mostly honored that I would have the privilege to provide that to Martin, to the film, and to the memory of the victims and families of September 11. The film came out and it’s brilliant on every account. As I left the Hollywood premiere after seeing a true work of art, with a belly full of hors d’oeuvres, among the presence of beautiful and successful people, and with a beautiful young woman holding my hand as we both strolled over to my car, I thought... I remember you my friend.


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