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  • Michal Ivry

    Michal Ivry Israel

    הי רון, טוב לשמוע ממך (וגם לראות!!!), תרתי משמע. אהבתי מאוד. מיכל

    הי רון,

    טוב לשמוע ממך (וגם לראות!!!), תרתי משמע.
    אהבתי מאוד.


Ronny @ The Sayers Club 

One of the HOTTEST clubs in Hollywood -The Sayers Club- will be proudly hosting Ronny W and his band next week on Thursday night! This is a show that you will definitely not want to miss and after it, the famous Sessions band will be hitting the stage with some spectacular covers. Ronny will be showcasing some of his new songs and will be joined by his fellow musicians and rock-monsters, Adam Peri on Keys, Ido Sagir on Ethnic strings, Leo Bomeny on Electric Guitar, Nick Rosen on Bass, and Guy Azulay on Drums. 
If you have any friends in Los Angeles, this is your chance to do them a favor and send them Ronny's way!
Thursday, July 28th
Show begins at: 10:15
Cover: $15

Over 100K Views in One Day - Jerusalem 

Though many in the world are not very familiar with it, but last week it was 'Jerusalem Day" where the liberation of the ancient city of Jerusalem is celebrated. It's a big thing where I'm from (Israel). One of the most famous and recognizable songs in Hebrew is called "Jerusalem of Gold". I thought it would be a lot of fun to produce, arrange and record a tribute to the glorious golden city - and that I did along with my great friend and bandmate Adam Perry and my younger (more talented than I) brother Jonathan W. I wanted to do a mashup between 2 legendary songs, the first being "Jerusalem of Gold" and the second being "Im Eshkachech Yerushalaim" - which means, "If I forget you Jerusalem". 

I released the song to the world on the morning of Jerusalem Day and it went viral on Facebook - watched by over 100 thousand people in a single day. Sometimes I like going a little bit off-genre and outside of my comfort zone to touch into styles of music that are not my usual work, and it's really fun and above all fulfilling! I hope that you enjoy this piece, and if you don't understand the words... my apologies guys ;)

Happy Passover - FREEDOM 

This song is literally thousands of years old and it tells the story of how the people of Israel escaped Egypt and went from being slaves, to being free people. Though times have changed, we continue to tell the story every year since then. Why? Because though we might not be under the thumb of a modern tyrant, we must ask ourselves - are we really free? What am I a slave to? And who is the true tyrant that oppresses me...? The answers are within. What do you think?

Great Show and Turnout at The Mint 

Last week Ronny performed at LA's The Mint. This was the first time hitting a venue with the series of new songs and the new band. As reviewed by the many who came to see Ronny, the new wave of his music is deep and powerful. The relatively short 45 minute set was just enough for Ronny to get a taste of how the new songs perform on stage before the audience, and left a sweet taste for more. 

Ronny performed with the full set of songs that are on the EP "Staring at the Truth". The EP is available for download on this website.

Everything with Me is Alright 

Lately Adam and I have decided to do a lot more songwriting and collaboration together. It seems like there is an organic and symbiotic relationship between us that creates a space for ideas both musical and lyrically to flow easily between us. Adam brought forth a chorus that I really loved and together we kept composing the rest of our song around it. After a lot of heart-to-hearts about our lives, and loves, I felt like the lyrics that I wrote captured the experiences and feelings that we had both been feeling lately, and with the help of our bandmate (Guy Azulay) we decided to spontaneously hit the studio and record a quick demo for you guys - We hope you like it.

This new song titled "Everything with Me is Alright" comes after a while that we both found ourselves confronted by that elusive beast called LOVE. Without diving too deep into what we have recently gone through in our relationships, all I can say is that the famous phrase that "love can overcome anything" isn't true, otherwise there wouldn't be so many people in the world who have broken up with the person that they are so madly in love with - it's a widely recurring theme. To "overcome" is a choice. Love can definitely help us and motivate us to overcome... but to actually overcome is a mere choice. Even if one decides not to overcome, and a couple breaks up, it is no indication about a lack of love. In fact... I will probably love You forever.

Failed Re-Negotiations 

About 7 months ago I excitedly reported that I had signed a new record/production/management deal, and I was thrilled at the leaps and bounds that were to come forth in my music and my career. Since the signing of the deal, my managers and I had reached the point where our contract had reached its expiration date, but the milestones and goals that we had set to achieve in the future did not manifest as my managers had stated. Since the beginning of February we have been renegotiating the terms of the new deal in order to see whether or not we will continue to work together however there are things that I am not willing to compromise on when it comes to the future of my music, my career and my life. It's hard sometimes to make the correct moves when your job is intertwined with your life mission. 

When you have a day job, and you grind it for a while, and if you don't like it, then you can look for another job and quit. In the music world when you are signed to a label or other entity, you are signing your life over to someone else's expertise - I guess that you can see it as a marriage. It's very important that you marry the right person otherwise the road to hell is straight ahead, and it always starts with good intentions! Although I am never one who shuts doors, I am happy enough to say that I feel that I've made the right choice to ensure that my music and my message gets out there and reaches the hearts of my brothers and sisters around the world - and God willing, I will succeed with the right team members. I have a lot of Faith, but what makes things happen is action. Period. I am happy to say that I have more freedom now to cultivate alternative contracts. Bring on the future!

Conclusions from the Promised Land 

I've been away from the typing block for quite a long time now. Lately it's been a rocky road with many issues rising and falling from medical complications, to love complications, to musical complications, however the Art must continue on and prevail... that's what it's there for. To carry us up like a warm summer wind under the wings of a bird so that it doesn't have to flap its wings so hard. What really helped recharge my batteries was the recent trip that I took back home to the Holy Land - Israel. One Jan 1st I left Los Angeles towards Tel Aviv and had the privilege to spend a whole month in Israel. I had a birthday bash in the form of a reunion - ESH got back together for a one-time historic performance @ the Tmuna Theatre in Tel Aviv and we had the time of or lives. The band was tight and grooving, the audience was in it to win it and everybody left with a huge smile on their faces.

The time spent with my family and friends was much needed, and taking the time away from this crazy city let in a breath of clarity as to the music yet to come. I have taken upon myself for this new year to write a lot more songs and to start giving you guys a lot more videos to watch. Adam and I will be hitting the studio often to record and shoot our duets of the new songs that we're working on and we're stoked to share them with you. Overall there are great things to come, new beginnings, with new refreshing energy. Thanks for being with me thru this crazy journey. 

Fresh out the Editing Room - I Am Who I Am LIVE Sessions 

2 weeks ago I decided that it was about time to just get the guys into a studio and play some of my new songs. My good friend Yaniv Farber opened the doors of his absolutely spectacular studio for us and we waltzed in, connected our instruments, and clicked on the record button. My other buddies Jeremiah Alexis, Joe Shalmony and my girlfriend Enbal took on capturing our whole experience on camera. And the music did the rest... Nuff said...
Electric Guitar - Leo Bomeny @LeoBomeny
Keys- Adam Peri @AdamPeriMusic    
Drums - Guy Azoulay @Guy_Azoulay_  
Bass - Ido Katz@Edough

Don't Let His Age Fool You 

At 14 he started playing professionally. At 16 he already played his first gig in front of 5000 people. And these days at 19, I had the privilege to stumble across this super-versatile and always smiling Bass player - Ido Katz. I must confess that at first I was quite skeptical that I would want to play with a young buck; it seems that finesse comes with experience and age, but when Ido landed in LA and I got a tip from a childhood friend of his that he's got some chops, I thought that it could be cool to jam with him for a bit.
I discovered a musician that doesn't overplay, that listens to the songs and chooses wisely as to what bass line will serve the song best - that's rare! Ido has performed and recorded in many genres from Rock, Pop, Funk, World Music and after doing all of that professionally in his homeland (Israel), he decided that he wanted to taste the real deal here in LA. Ido is the kind of dude that goes with the flow, and I love having in the band. His contribution both musically and energetically just make life a bit easier. Not only that, but this guy knows how to cook a mean Shakshuka. (if you don't know what a Shakshuka is... get with the program). Ironically we lived in the same town a few minutes away from each other and never even knew it until we got here. Coincidence huh? Small World.