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    Master of Keys - Adam Peri 

    First up in the new lineup of incredible artists to be revealed that I have the privilege of working with lately is this morbidly handsome individual who calls himself Adam Peri. I met Adam for the first time after moving to Los Angeles and hearing from a few friends about him. I was told at the time that he was a musical prodigy, playing for many of Israel's top artists and also the keyboard player for Israel's most prominent and face-melting Rock bands (called in english - The Jews). In his short time in LA he's even picked up gigs with world renowned artists and produced quite a few eargasmic records. It was obvious that I had to have a chat with this guy and get to know him.
    I was looking for a bass guitarist at the time I met Adam and when asking him if he happened to know anyone relevant, he answered "I can play bass for you". He just bought a new bass guitar a few days prior to that, and insisted that I try him out and "we'll see how it goes" - I was kind of amazed at how proficient he was and how Adam held it all together on an instrument that was not even his forte - grooves, solos and all. Where he shines the brightest however is his musical intelligence as a music producer and keyboard player - he just knows what to do, when to do it, and with a God-given finesse and humility that is rare among us musicians. Over the last 2 years we have not been in touch for too long periods of time due to personal issues that each of us were dealing with in our lives, but this musical reunion is on is beyond exciting to me. I can't wait to get this new show that we are putting together rolling and begin to bedazzle and enchant people with the sounds, melodies and vibes that are emanating from the talent that Adam and this new group holds. Can't wait.

    The Artist/Musician Paradox 

    With all of the new music that has been emerging lately from the catacombs of my mind I have been in search of musicians that will be able to breath life into my creations. The tricky thing about the wild world of music is that while we all grow up believing that music is created and performed out of pure soul and love, it is usually far from the truth. Every musician starts his journey as an Artist, entering into the professional world with the notion that everything that he will do is going to be touching, moving and enjoyable... that is... until he needs to make a living from it. Very easily the artist begins to see that to make a living from music, sometimes he has to take on gigs that can pay out some cash just to get by; that there must be a willingness to partake in music that is far from enjoyable to the palate. Over time, most artists forget about the passion that brought them into the business and just turn into extremely talented musicians as they lose their luster for art.

    In the sea of incredibly talented musicians in Los Angeles, there are still those who remain Artists at heart - those who continue to interpret, create, invent and reinvent themselves and turn their talent and craft into a work of ART. My journey while writing my latest songs has been to find those artists and let them bring their energy into my creations. I am excited and honored to be introducing to you the new group of Artists that I have the privilege of making music with! Starting next week... ;)

    The Good Ole Days - We Were "Living in a Dream"  

    This is one of the incredible songs written about 2 years ago by my epic musical partner Yoad Fekete. You will also see Ido Sagir in the clip and our trio was known as "ESH" - which means FIRE in Hebrew. If you could guess the name of that instrument that I'm playing in a comment, II just might send you a free ESH cd! ;) Hit me

    Poetry to the Traveller  

    Hi Everybody. Just a little something that suddenly came out. Does it make any sense only to me?   -Ronny

    I am God in His imperfection

    I am the bringer of death and the resurrection
    and I now pronounce the’ Black or White
    or gray or brown
    traveling at the speed of sound
    on this journey set for what or who
    for me? 
    for you?
    Taken aback by my inquiry
    is reality really what I see?
    I am the judge that sentences himself to death
    Oh I shall face my lies in my final breath
    The truth can be escaped only for so long
    the more I’m weak, the more I’m strong
    and even those who pull the strings
    are marionettes in the scheme of things
    and so I am
    and so I’m here
    confusion laced in my human being
    I am wide awake with my eyes wide shut
    Can’t explain why I only see what I am not
    and I am blind to what I am
    a formulaic excuse for a man
    for I am where the secret lies
    not the serpent nor the fruit, can stand the test of time
    there is the word that elevates the good and the bad
    the insignificant - significant
    the happy - sad.
    And the weeping willow - she never weeps
    I speak her tears, and I vow to keep 
    a cycle I refuse to break these prison walls 
    and liberate this slave who is his master
    and this master who is his slave
    and these chains around my legs
    will I take them to my grave?
    or will I shed them like a second skin?
    like a butterfly on the summer’s wind
    will I float and will I sail?
    or shall my emptiness prevail?
    Will I rise - will I transcend? 
    as I veer towards my fateful end
    that awaits for me with open arms
    it asks

    “who did you save? whom did you love?"

    I Am Who I Am 

    With the demos beginning to come out of the mixing process, here is the first of the new songs called "I Am Who I Am" - At this time you can listen to it in its minimal form only making use of piano, acoustic guitar and the distinct electric guitar which opens it all up. The inspiration lyrically comes from... well... Life?

    Click PLAY at the bottom of the page to hear the song or on Soundcloud

    Lyrics: I Am Who I Am (RonnyW)

    I am who I am, forever changing
    I see what I see, gotta stop the blaming
    for the only one there who’ll remain by my side -  is Me.

    I’ve been where I’ve been, I aint saying sorry
    I am the song beneath the wind that's telling a story
    of a man with no eyes who observed the world to find - it’s all a scheme

    And time will persist to show us all that all the things 
    we thought to exist were fractions of our wildest dreams.
    the flags that we’d fly would wave beyond our time
    and the empires all would crumble in the ashes where we lie.

    I’ve done what I’ve done and I’ve turned the pages.
    I’ve learned what I’ve learned though stupidity’s contagious.
    I’ll be the cure to the remedy; the harmony to the melody of my life.

    And time will persist to show us all that all the things 
    we thought to exist were fractions of our wildest dreams.
    the flags that we’d fly would wave beyond our time
    and the empires all would crumble in the ashes where we lie.

    I am who I am until I am no longer.
    From the chasms I’ve climbed I've become stronger,
    for the only one there who’ll remain by my side - is Me

    One down And more to come! 

    It's been a few months now since Ronny, guitarist Ido Sagir and multi-talented musician Adam Perry went into the studio together to record the next batch of songs that Ronny will be adding into his project. This series will start off by recording the demos in groups of 3, stripping down the songs into a skeletal guitar/piano/vocals form. Once the repertoire of demos will be completed, it will be possible to move on to the next phase of production and perhaps bring in the full band for the live recording sessions. With 3 songs recorded already, the process of editing and mixing the material is well underway.

    Just yesterday Ronny was back in the studio to finishing up the editing for "I Am Who I Am" and sent it off to be mixed. Over the next week, the other two recorded demos "Thank you" and "Sweet Mystery" will be edited and sent for mixing as well. 

    Ido Sagir (left) and Adam Perry (right) recording @ this spectacular studio in LA

    Ronny W teams up w/ Nu Movement 

    Ronny W teams up with LA based group Nu Movement headed by multi-instrumentalist D.Mills (@DMillsMusic) on Bass, Deshaun Allen on Drums, Ron Avant Jr on Keys and long-time musical partner to Ronny, Ido Sagir on Guitars. The upcoming show scheduled on March 21st in Mobile Alabama at the inaugural Aerofest Music Festival will showcase Ronny's new songs for the first time since the last EP titled "ESH". Ronny has been working with D.Mills since his move from Israel to Los Angeles, and with the new additions of Allen and Avant, the new songs are taking on the identity of their own with each musician's unique contribution to the musical mix.

    If you or your friends live in or around Alabama, make sure to tell them about #MobileAerofest and look out for RonnyW on the Arts Alive stage on March 21st around 3pm.