An Unexpected Happy Birthday to Ronny


A few days ago on Thursday, I went to the doctor’s office to get a vitamin injection treatment that will make my hair thicker… (yes… yes… you can take your  botox and your judgements and shove them you know where.) As I signed in at the reception, the nurse said “Oh! You have a birthday this Saturday!” to which I said… “oh! I’m so happy you reminded me of that because I totally forgot about it!” (this is a common phenomenon that happens with age). Now, I really don’t care much about birthdays and find it hard to understand why we even celebrate them in the first place, but on my way home I thought that if there was any way that I would want to celebrate, I wouldn’t want to go to a bar, or a restaurant, or a movie… and since I am far from my family, then I would want to be in the company of my friends. 

On Friday, I made an ugly flyer and sent it out to a bunch of people with no expectation that more than a handful of people would show up on Saturday night… I went to the super market and bought $175 worth of beer and meat for my imaginary BBQ. On Saturday morning I went to the Home Depot to buy a BBQ, and straight from there I went to lead an introduction to the Landmark Forum. Yes… that was my gift to myself. There are few things that make me happier than inventing new possibilities in life with people and giving them the gift of transformation in their lives. Right after that I drove back home to my imaginary BBQ! 

About 3 hours later, with my apartment filled with about 35 of my dearest friends, food fresh off the grill, people drinking, laughing, connecting, sharing life with eachother, I was so thankful to be reminded again at what an amazing life I have created for myself. 

I couldn’t care less about “titles” and about being “successful”. I don’t even know what that means anyway… I’ve trained and developed some of the most extraordinarily “successful” people who have the same exact human problems and phenomena as the next homeless Joe in the street. On the morning of my birthday I was reminded however that at 34, I can’t say that I am anywhere near where I wanted to be by now in terms of what the zeitgeist calls “success”, but at around 10PM, floating around between my packed apartment full of friends, some people doing the dishes, some making food, some pouring drinks, some cleaning up, some smoking, some telling funny stories, some having deep conversations, some going to the store to get extra supplies, and everybody contributing in their own special way and having a great time…. I knew that I am a rich man. I remembered that saying that my Forum Leader once shared, “the quality of a human being’s life is directly given by the quality of your relationships”. I am lucky to say that I get to keep some pretty incredible company and I am blessed that there isn’t much that I ever have to say… My friends just show up. And to that, I thank each and every one of them for making MY life so much richer and worth living! <3 

For those of you who have reached the end, here are links to some of Ronny's music that has ben uploaded to Spotify and Apple Music! Enjoy and share it with your friends as his birthday gift!

Listen to "ESH" on Spotify

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