Conclusions from the Promised Land

I've been away from the typing block for quite a long time now. Lately it's been a rocky road with many issues rising and falling from medical complications, to love complications, to musical complications, however the Art must continue on and prevail... that's what it's there for. To carry us up like a warm summer wind under the wings of a bird so that it doesn't have to flap its wings so hard. What really helped recharge my batteries was the recent trip that I took back home to the Holy Land - Israel. One Jan 1st I left Los Angeles towards Tel Aviv and had the privilege to spend a whole month in Israel. I had a birthday bash in the form of a reunion - ESH got back together for a one-time historic performance @ the Tmuna Theatre in Tel Aviv and we had the time of or lives. The band was tight and grooving, the audience was in it to win it and everybody left with a huge smile on their faces.

The time spent with my family and friends was much needed, and taking the time away from this crazy city let in a breath of clarity as to the music yet to come. I have taken upon myself for this new year to write a lot more songs and to start giving you guys a lot more videos to watch. Adam and I will be hitting the studio often to record and shoot our duets of the new songs that we're working on and we're stoked to share them with you. Overall there are great things to come, new beginnings, with new refreshing energy. Thanks for being with me thru this crazy journey. 

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