Don't Let His Age Fool You

At 14 he started playing professionally. At 16 he already played his first gig in front of 5000 people. And these days at 19, I had the privilege to stumble across this super-versatile and always smiling Bass player - Ido Katz. I must confess that at first I was quite skeptical that I would want to play with a young buck; it seems that finesse comes with experience and age, but when Ido landed in LA and I got a tip from a childhood friend of his that he's got some chops, I thought that it could be cool to jam with him for a bit.
I discovered a musician that doesn't overplay, that listens to the songs and chooses wisely as to what bass line will serve the song best - that's rare! Ido has performed and recorded in many genres from Rock, Pop, Funk, World Music and after doing all of that professionally in his homeland (Israel), he decided that he wanted to taste the real deal here in LA. Ido is the kind of dude that goes with the flow, and I love having in the band. His contribution both musically and energetically just make life a bit easier. Not only that, but this guy knows how to cook a mean Shakshuka. (if you don't know what a Shakshuka is... get with the program). Ironically we lived in the same town a few minutes away from each other and never even knew it until we got here. Coincidence huh? Small World.


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