I find it funny sometimes when I stumble on a song that I've recorded a while back and find out that I would produce it differently today then I did back then. My musical tastes started from Phantom of the Opera, to Yanni, to the Beatles, to KISS, to Iron Maiden, to Stevie, to Bob Dylan, to Sting, to black Gospel music, back to Aretha, Tom Jones and Little Richard, and the list goes on... so I've been traveling the musical spectrum for quite a while now. I wrote this song "Sweet Mystery" with an acoustic guitar while I was road tripping across the country by myself trying to find what the heck God wanted from me and which direction He wanted me to go. Every word and note that came out of me in this song came from my gut and my spirit; a sort of frustrated yet bittersweet primal scream. And though I will love this song forever, if I were to re-record and reproduce it today, I'd have it with some more soulful and rhythmic elements to offset the "rock"iness of it. The older I get, I find the farther I evolve from Rock, but I ain't forgetting where I came from y'all. I'm a child of Rock N Roll.

God Gave Rock N Roll to YOU - Ronny W


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