One down And more to come!

It's been a few months now since Ronny, guitarist Ido Sagir and multi-talented musician Adam Perry went into the studio together to record the next batch of songs that Ronny will be adding into his project. This series will start off by recording the demos in groups of 3, stripping down the songs into a skeletal guitar/piano/vocals form. Once the repertoire of demos will be completed, it will be possible to move on to the next phase of production and perhaps bring in the full band for the live recording sessions. With 3 songs recorded already, the process of editing and mixing the material is well underway.

Just yesterday Ronny was back in the studio to finishing up the editing for "I Am Who I Am" and sent it off to be mixed. Over the next week, the other two recorded demos "Thank you" and "Sweet Mystery" will be edited and sent for mixing as well. 

Ido Sagir (left) and Adam Perry (right) recording @ this spectacular studio in LA

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